Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)

Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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So I made the mistake of jumping on the chili peppers CD too quick when I saw the email notification from here. Anyone else make that mistake? If so how are you handling it? Because according to these reviews these guys are not known for giving refunds. Debating starting this whole thing with PayPal right now or waiting to see if the CDs actually ship.

yeah, I posted it and I jumped too quick myself lol, just bought it immediately before doing any checking, out of fear of it selling out while I was researching. it doesn't look good after reading the reviews but I'm just going to wait it out and see, as I said earlier in the thread, I came very close to canceling my Ozzy order because they had a very high chance of being Autopen and I would have regretted it now. if this was for $100 I would worry a lot more, but for $20 even if they send an unsigned copy I can sell it and recover some of my money if Paypal doesn't agree with the not as described fact, and if they don't send anything at all i think Paypal would have to refund you. it's just worth waiting it out for me.   

of course if i find these elsewhere i will cancel this order, i just checked and if you go to the view your order link on the order confirmation email, there is a link on the order page to cancel your order if you want to.

Yes I saw that however in reading a lot of those reviews it indicates if you cancel on their website they don't send a refund

yeah, I guess you would have to go through Paypal at that point then, I haven't had the best of luck with them approving claims of not as described when I've received unsigned cds, but they have always approved it when I received nothing.

Okay, yeah I'll wait and see.  I appreciate the heads up though!

no problem, I'm still hoping they show up elsewhere, but if not I'm glad I at least have a chance at one,  even though it's a very slight chance. 

I'm just amazed a company can be so corrupt and still continue to run for years. When I ordered Sia from Warner Australia, I read a ton of stories how people weren't receiving items or refunds, never received responses about orders. The only information was that they were supposedly moving to a new warehouse and things were a mess.. one day out of nowhere I received a shipping notice. Items finally arrived in perfect condition. Sometimes you just never know. Its worth the gamble in this case. It all adds to the fun of this hobby.. sometimes the longshots pay off.. you can't win if you don't play the game

Yeah very true. I doubt they'd still be open if they never sent anything out to any of their customers.  Also some of the reviews elluded to the store owning them money so not sure if they doubled as an independent label as well for some acts.  Here's to hoping to be pleasantly surprised! Lol

Will be interested to see what yall get-

In the mid-2000s Interpunk was the place to order for punk fans. A few years back I ordered something from them that wasn’t available anywhere else and it took a few months to ship and I didn’t hear back from any of the times I reached out to customer service, but I did get the vinyl in the end. Don’t know why they would be getting RHCP CDs unless the band is sending out signed copies to various record stores like they did with the last album.

Yeah I'm wondering if this is one of those 'indies only' things and they've jumped the gun.



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