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I'm not sure if these are supposed to be sold online but I'm starting to see them pop up, i've ordered 1 from each store and hope they don't cancel but i figured this would be a good place to add additional stores we find. Heres what i found so far



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You’re welcome man!! Glad to help and appreciate all your contributions. I’m glad to see it arrived safely. Looks nice!! 

Congrats on getting one! You deserve it!

Has anyone gotten their refund from Dearborne music. No replies to emails.

I did but had to chase it up. They ignored all my messages until I started leaving comments on their facebook posts asking for my money back. They replied and refunded right away. Their justification was that they had taken a few days off. 

Just got a cancellation from RHCP.com.  Apparently, it was on their website for about 90 seconds and they never fulfilled any orders as far as I can tell. Lesson learned not to order from there again. I'd be upset, but I did manage to get one at retail from a reputable online store. 


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