‘can anyone give me an opinion of a dealer by the name of University Archives? I have a Lincoln note and signature that may be a forgery and was going to have them authenticate it, any thoughts or opinions?

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I don't recall ever seeing an autograph from America's Memories, AKA John Brett, that I thought was real. 

And Christopher Morales, the forensic examiner that certified it as genuine, is notorious for certifying forgeries as genuine. 

Thank you Steve, both Morales and STAT both certified it as genuine.

STAT was also an authentication company that serviced the forgery industry.


I have contacted 17 auction houses/autograph dealers, to include big names. Like the Antique Road Show, Sotheby’s and Bonham skinner to name a few in order to try and sell my Lincoln signature. All of them flat out told me my Lincoln was an out right forgery and a crude one at that. Yet Americas memories insists that they have been “forensically examined by a documented forensic examiner and therefore genuine. 

if I could recoup one tenth of my cost on this autograph I would be happy, but more importantly I’d love to see this company held accountable for its obvious intent to sell and pass off forgeries.

Paul, please type into the search engine up top the name Christopher Morales and you can take it from there. Unfortunately, unless the Feds decide to prosecute these criminals there isn’t much that can be done. Coach’s Corner is another fraud company that keeps pumping out fakes with Morales COA’s. Local news channels have done exposés on these frauds but they continue to sell.

already done that, I have a very deep knowledge now of Mr. Morales, STAT, and Drew Max, quite  a cast of characters.

Thank you and all the members of Autograph Live for the help and answers to my questions. If anyone out there has an idea as to how to get this company held accountable, please let me know. Thanks everyone.

Paul -  How about beginning a blog post with the general question:

"How do you hold an autograph dealership selling forgeries accountable for a bad purchase?"

It might draw more comments.

Then briefly outline what you have told us here.

I did that, thanks everyone

I'd be more specific and make it about John Brett and America's Memories. Right in the title.

So, I spend $14 grand on a presumably legit Abraham Lincoln signature in 2009, and when I try to sell it 14 years later 17 reputable dealers/companies inform me that it is a forgery.

Hi Paul,

Although I don't know you I am very saddened to hear about your experience and a bit shocked tbh.

I am shocked on several levels but probably most by your restraint and calm reporting of this matter. Also by the apparent arrogance of these sellers.

There must be some legal recourse to your situation, surely? When I google the topic of forged autographs in the USA  I am inundated with headlines about how seriously the matter is being taken by the FBI, e.g, and how people are being prosecuted left, right and centre. Is this all baloney? Surely the amount of money involved in this transaction constitutes a serious fraud? You are the victim of a crime - quite clearly.

I cannot help feeling that it is way beyond time for the autograph-collecting community to get together and begin to attack these outfits and individuals proactively. I don't have any specific ideas about how, mind you, but the what-can-you-do? philosophy is well past its sell-by date.

Crowd-funding occurs to me. I feel most people belonging to this forum will have ideas. What is the best way to initiate an...initiative!

Thanks for your comments. I can comment on some your thoughts as to why I appear to have restraint and calmness, is there a way I could reach out to you to tell you the whole story? There are a lot of details worth sharing.



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