Not sure this is normal or not, but got to meet Richard Dreyfuss yesterday in Toronto. Presented him with my What About Bob poster and he went on a rant about Bill Murray and was saying how much of an a$$hole he thought he was. He then proceeded to scribble out his name and face and then signed my poster. I couldn't believe what I saw. If He hates the guy so much, suck it up and keep it to yourself and say, I don't sign What About Bob items. Don't take your frustrations to the fans and wreck their posters. Very classless and unprofessional in my opinion.

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i thought he actualy scribbled out his autograph on your poster by bill murray

Yeah me too. It's a messed up story but nevertheless, it's kinda funny. I wouldn't want it happening to me and I'm sure you're upset but it's not the worst thing to happen. 

Honestly, I think it makes it a better piece. 

i agree .

and ive heard of it happening before by other artist also ive heard other artist refusing to sign if other x band members already signed .

Someone poster a similar incident before on RACC.

I've heard about others not signing as well if others already signed. It does make for an interesting story, but I think I would rather have had him not sign especially when I might have a chance early in the year to meet Bill Murray and it might be awkward asking him to sign that.

He has a reputation for being a bit erratic at shows. Some have even mentioned alcohol. He's in two of my favorite movies though in Jaws and Close Encounters.

This is quite normal for Dreyfuss. What About Bob? seems to be the main issue with him, I have seen multiple photos and posters where Richard has scratched out Murray's face with the sharpie before signing. 

That is really unfortunate - sorry for your poster and efforts. The poster tag line is obviously true - "The kind that drives you crazy". Perhaps Murray would find that funny - then ask him to scratch out Dreyfuss' face and name and sign. The result would be quite unusual - some sort of autograph stalemate.

Would this be a case where you consider poster restoration a viable option? Or would you rather have Bill Murray's name and face scribbled out since it's "original".

Well, to me there is no question it is original, and the selective editing of whatever is signed is not restoration but alteration, in my opinion anyway. To each his own. Josh it right - decent story. If he says Murray would not sign I am inclined to believe him.

Murray signed a few weeks ago in NYC, he's tough but still signs. I doubt he would sign a poster with his name and face scribbled out though, so leaving it there is effectively 0 chance of completing it.

Unless, Chris rolls up or displays the poster a certain way for Bill to sign without him noticing what Richard has put on it.




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