Is this lookin real or fake. Thanks

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Hard to tell since its signed over a busy area. Any way to get another picture? Different angle? Somehow bringing out the autograph? Im not liking how the tail end looks when zoomed in but it may be due to the quality of the picture taken

I asked her but no response, she has a lot of really good deals, like beyonce for 160, britney spears for 130, ed sheeran plus album for 80

this is her beyonce one... 160 for this? If i can confirm its really her autograph id pay 200 lol

finally this one.

Id be skeptical based on price alone. Your best bet is to look at all the stuff for sale (and there is alot) and try to see if they all look done by the same hand. That would be my first step, barring an expert on Rihanna.

Anytime prices for a “star” are that low, I approach the item as if its fake. She also has Scott Weiland (deceased, STP) for around the same price. Major, major discount if real, which makes me think its not. My 2 cents.

Thanks! Yea ima wait for some experts on these artists to look at it. I’m not even going to waste a psa quick look on these

I'm not an expert on Beyonce at all.. all I can do is compare it to authenticated examples. To me, its not looking good so far



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