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Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) headed by Stephen Rocchi continues to "authenticate" Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, etc. forgeries.

The image below of Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams is the most common used for the below mass-produced Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams forgeries.

We have exposed the below particular image (with COAs from Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators) dozens of times here on AML.

The signatures are, of course, obvious and laughable forgeries.

There is no gray area here; The only people who buy and sell this crap are either scammers or people who know ZERO about autographs.

This is from Ebay seller Dbvint123 (a seller of dozens of GFA-certed forgeries).


The below Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams forgeries are listed by Ebay seller Uniquesportstime.

Ebay seller Uniquesportstime only lists and sells GFA-certed forgeries.


These are from Ebay seller Pan4life14 who is a constant seller of GFA and GAI certed forgeries.


These are from Ebay seller Dcarlc a major seller of GFA-certed forgeries.


These are from Ebay seller Mlbsports.


These were sold by Ebay seller Will-kf2g8sw1 for a whopping $75.00.


The below Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams forgeries are listed by Ebay seller l*****j.

Ebay seller l*****j writes "Very nice for the serious collector."



Here's another set from Ebay seller Alihamed51 (a major seller of GFA-certed forgeries).


Here's another set sold.  These were sold by Ebay seller Comicstruck.


Who knows how many thousands of these Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams forgeries on the above image have been produced in "Florida."

But they are being sold like hotcakes on Ebay every day and Ebay continues to profit from the sales of GFA-certed forgeries.

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why would he stop? he makes money, ebay makes money, the forger makes money, the seller makes money (if they are not one and the same)......everybody wins!!!   oh, except the poor slob that ends up buying this crap.

Did you notice that ebay seller Will-kf2g8sw1 and seller Dbvint123 certs #'s aren't very far apart?  How common is that?  (I don't pay attention to these that often but did notice that... )

Great observation, Wascher.

There are a few sellers of GFA-certed forgeries (Mlbsports) who have multiple Ebay ID's.

It is my opinion that numerous Ebay sellers of GFA-certed forgeries are the "source" of this crap.

The majority of them are from "Florida."

Has anyone tried to get their money back through their Guarantee program?


That's an excellent point, Robin, and one that has been brought up before.

I don't anyone that has been able to contact GFA via email or phone.

I get so sick of seeing this same photo, several listed at the same time, signed exactly the same on every photo for sale on ebay. These crooks have no fear of being caught and will continue to steal from uneducated buyers until further notice...

All of those Ebay sellers (Dbvint123, Ranger191, Alihamed51, Pan4llife14, Mccauleyjr2006, Dcarlc, Uniquesportstime, Mlbsports,  Cathy101970,  Customsports77,  silly_shelly, rbisportsinc and others)  continue to sell the same forgeries on the same images.

New crap rolls off the machine daily.

it's because Tony Podsada AKA Toilet Paper aka TP aka Jack O**...T.P. says they are real, but miraculously pulling them from new stock!!!!all from scoreboard...NOT. That has been PROVEN on more than 1 occasion to be FALSE. It' makes for a beginning to a great fish tale though. Who are you gonna believe? Ken Goldin and your eyes, or T.P. , a known cheater f'er, with his eye seeing condition Graves disease. We can only hopes the disease takes this OLD b****** out soon, because the disease he has put on autographs, as we know it is HUGE. His ridiculous framing jobs with his 5, 7, 9 side way split, his very popular 5, 7, and the compare at $2,200.00, the 7, 9. Let's not forget the one and only B, Ny , NY. THESE frames ARE LAUGHABLE COOKIE CUTTER CRAP DESIGNED TO SELL TO COMPLETE IDIOTS BY COMPLETE IDIOTS.

And Toilet Paper, your machine is working a little better lately. Mantle almost has the "flick" from the M to the a right now. Good work. Too bad the rest of the autograph (s)are still a mess and all bear the Toilet paper TP scam. A horrible machine signed cheap photo, with a godly frame. They are T. P. all right, Effin T.oilet P.aper.

We can only hope all the members in this scam spend their money on good attorneys. In 5-6 years it may catch up to them and they're gonna need it. But then again, TP will sell his bill of fake goods to another loser looking to create a business in autographs, just like the loser has done for 30 years. Right now, the scam is being played out beautifully through E-bay, their drug of choice. The gifts that keep on giving!!!Thanks Toilet Paper and good luck on your partnership with E-Bay and GFA. Guaranteed Fake ALWAYS...

Well written, Fudd, as usual.

The framing (Lipstick On A Pig) lures in the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors....

And the scammers who know they can sell that crap to the wannabe autograph collectors and suckers.

The image in my thread here has been examined by me and here are the results.




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