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Hey there :-)

We've always been a huge fan of Pink Floyd, so I came up with the idea of buying a signed CD for my dad's birthday.

I bought the wall and dark side of the moon, which represents perfectly the beginner I am (since these two are quite common). ;-)

I picked it up at a record store in the UK.

Anyway, I wondered wether Rogers Autograph was authentic?

Thank you so much for your opinions and inputs!


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No from me on both. Here is my 2017 In Person Waters:

Roger Waters IP 2014 NEW Wall DVD Obtained 9.16.17 @ Nassau Coliseum (in the rain)

No, sorry.

So you think the Floyd is not authentic and on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being great how would  you rate yourself at authenticating ?   

Thank you so much!

What a shame, luckily it's a full money back guarantee.

Your 2017 in-person is truly stunning!

You are welcome. They are really poor forgeries. Thanks - I love that 2017 and I have Gilmour on his DVD to match:

Sir David Gilmour in Concert 2002 DVD Signed Promotional Copy with Ticket from Filming

If I may ask, what do you think about this one?thank you so much in advance.

No good.

What is the return policy where you bought them? How did you pay? 

Very atypical. Corey at Floydauthentic.com will render an opinion for a modest fee.



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