Hello!  This is a Pink Floyd LP signed by Roger Waters I am contemplating on buying.  I just would like opinions on authenticity, thank you.

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Waters should be the easiest signature to authenticate, he signs enough autographs.

I agree. No need to overanalyze.

Wasn't it just said he is very tough to reproduce?

Yes, exactly why he's relatively easy to authenticate

It's my strong opinion that 4/4 of these are bad, and your opinion that 4/4 are good. So I think that speaks on the range of difficulty.

I'm going to stick to being as statistical as possible, and that can only be done with a large and reliable pool of reputably-sourced samples.

In my view of these, they have a variety of inconsistencies which occur close to 0% of the time. If they are real, they are miraculous. 

I'd much prefer authenticators to be over-analytical than (as they are in many cases) under-analytical. I think everyone agrees.


Guys - each one of the four in question have traits that cannot be replicated by anyone else other than Waters. I am 100% sure of this. All FOUR. If you care to have an offline discussion, I am all for it. I don't mind someone being over analytical, I agree its much better as an authenticator than the opposite, but these styles cannot be replicated by someone other than Roger Waters. 

I've been looking at the same traits for Waters for years. All of these are up to par. No forger I have seen can replicate them. 

The guy has been signing up a storm and has many different variations. But these are all good IMO. Flow is spot on. Key letter formations are good. Some different letter inconsistencies and spacing from traditional signatures, YES - but everything else matches. I hate to keep on carrying this on, but to call these forgeries is just not right.

You're 100% sure of something that has close to a 0% statistical likelihood of occurrence.

Very interesting discussion guys... but you ain't seen nothing yet... I think I have the most difficult one to authenticate that is out there. This one has got me puzzling for years :-).
Bought this of ebay years ago in my beginning period of collecting.
I put it for sale at one moment to have funds for some other purchases, obviously thinking it was real. I decided not to sell it anymore cause I only want to sell items I am 100% sure of, there are enough cowboys in this hobby.

I already showed this one to Seamus and he agreed this is a very difficult one. In the end he leaned to likely not authentic. N.Steiger who used to be a member here was sure it is not authentic.
My view is that it is likely authentic, having quite a few good characteristics.
Not that it weighs much, but it has a full letter of JSA. I asked Roger Epperson twice about this one via mail (confronting him with the fact that some say it is not authentic) and he said it is surely authentic and looks just like the ones he obtained himself on that tour. He said it has nothing to do with the bunch of fake ones that passed JSA in that period.
Some other IP collectors here think it is authentic.
I bought it in 2012 I think, don't remember the seller. It is from his 2012 tour.
What do you all think of this one?
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I just saw the second picture is not fully viewable, so here is another one.
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Looks great to me. What do you dislike about it?

Well, there is not that much I don't like here to be honest.
Let's say, for me there is not 1 obvious point that this is a clear forgery.
The OG look neat but I have seen some examples of that. The end of the last name is a bit atypical but the flow is good and I have seen examples like that. The W flows into the G, something I haven't seen before. But that is not a point to be concerned about imo.



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