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werent these forgeries posted before?

Yes but I can’t find them on the site so I reposted them

Any more opinions as I can’t find my original posting on this signed album.

Quite honestly they are terrible.Dont buy it.

Not genuine, IMO.

I really thought the jagger and Richards were good , but you all are saying the same , there going back and I’ll get my £££ back. Thanks.

Wise choice. You could always get a quick opinion from Roger Epoerson. 

Who is roger epoerson and how do I contact for opinion if I ever need it 

Get your money back -- these are HORRIBLE FAKES.  I've never seen anything authentic from the 60's/70's signed in paint pen on vinyl. 

Even the signatures on the label?

This is a "merda".

Sorry what does Merda mean 


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