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I think these are okay with the exception of Brian Jones - even to an untrained eye Bill and Brian look like they were signed by the same hand (and pen). 

Am I correct in my assumptions? 

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I would agree with your assessment

yes, I saw that up for sale recently and avoided it

No Brian Jones has signed it, it’s a full set from April 1964.

Do you have any other examples of Brian signing like this that you can share? 

The size, spacing and angle look almost identical in Bill and Brian (and the pen don't forget!)

thanks for the education on the stones, very enlightening.

yes we are very lucky to have you on board Keithspoon, - not to mention the lovely hat

Once you know what to look for it is quite frightening to see that so many sets have been signed by Bill.  I was offered one by an aml member a while back where Bill had signed for all of them, - it had a coa from a well known company as well

Thanks for both your views.


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