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Has anyone had RR auction respond ghat they cannot accommodate an item for their auctions? I have BAS and REAL for the items. As well as approval from this site. I asked for a reason and heard crickets.

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What was the item? Sure it's happened to plenty of people before.

Couple Eagle items. Was shocked. I thought they took everything 

No they dont unless your john brennan .

Post a pic of the graphs

These are both very nice authentic signed Eagles items.  So yes what is the reason?  Why a premier auction house would not want to represent these items is beyond me...  

RR Auction recently sold an Eagles signed acoustic guitar in August 2019... They also sell framed items all the time...  Yours is nicely framed and nicely sized... So I really can't find a logical reason.  Maybe Bobby Livingston can chime in and provide some insight?

I was debating on selling them and starting Roth Ira's for both of my children as they would appreciate more than the these items

Is the Henley the style that has been questioned on these boards previously?

I don't think there is any issue with the authenticity of the autographs.

Steve, these were both purchased from this site after everyone gave the thumbs up. BAS gave a Gem Mint 10 on guitar. 

I thought RR was the go to for music auctions and I was shocked they could jot accommodate these items.

There's also Heritage, Bonhams, Juliens, etc.  RR is not the only outlet.


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