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Has anyone had RR auction respond ghat they cannot accommodate an item for their auctions? I have BAS and REAL for the items. As well as approval from this site. I asked for a reason and heard crickets.

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Who was best return? Heard HA takes forever to pay.

Good question, Steve. The signed guitar looks like the ones that the Eagles sold and the autographs are spot-on IMO.

The framed piece is too small and blurry to authenticate, but I can tell that the Henley is not in the style that some of us have called out.

These are very nice and very authentic items imo..

“Cannot accommodate” sounds like they have too many Eagles items lined up.

Dan, I contacted R&R and sent them the link to this discussion and was told this:

With regard to your question, these two Eagle items appear to have been invited for auctioning over a year ago. Perhaps these images are the wrong ones for the comment being posted.

Danny's Eagles items are fine and RR would very much like to represent them. There was an an email sent to him in error for which I have apologized. Thank you to all who reached out to us for clarification. 

Thanks everyone.  Mr Otter thanks again. I did get calls from 2 auction houses. I am shocked at how far this website reaches.

Does anyone see the hobby losing interest w new generation? What is your thoughts


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