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Limit 2, so must be somewhat limited

Very cool.  Thanks for posting.  I will pass on this, but others should strongly consider.  Great stuff.

This is a no Brainer. Yes thanks for posting R Buck!! I'm wondering if he will sign this in red

Thanks for the heads up. Got mine. Cheaper than the $99 cookbook 

Thanks been looking for a Sammy sig.  Got one...

Anyone have an extra? Will make a nice trade.

Check the TSL site on or before Sam and Mike are on live selling it (Sept 28) as they often offer up another qty. batch

It looks like they have now added some that are just signed by Sammy: https://talkshop.live/product/Ut2YHaUXZhTN/crazy-times-cd-autograph...

I suppose the first batch is signed by both Sammy and Michael Anthony as it has been updated on their site. 

Awesome! Thanks!!!

Looks nice Matt, good you got both sigs, cuz now it's just Sammy. Are ya gonna open it up or keep it under seal?


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