2 per order, U.S. shipping only

I thought I'd open a new thread, since so far there have only been ones started with speculation about signed albums. No one finds the actual links buried in the comments, I guess.

There are other Universal stores that offer signed variants as well. They're out of stock at the moment, though.

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YES! Just picked up 2!

Awesome thanks for posting, i didn't think I was going to get my hands on any of these and I was able to snag a couple right before they sold out again

They were sold out about a couple hours ago but they're back in stock again

Nevermind sold out again

you may just have to keep checking, I just ordered another

You're right I just checked there still available

now they are gone again, I was just thinking that they said people that order more than 2 would have the orders canceled so they may just be adding more as they cancel the people ordering too many. i know they canceled the extra Lady Gaga's I ordered and that turned out to be a good thing lol

That makes sense. I never ordered a Lady Gaga but I'm guessing people are still waiting for their chit to arrive? Lol

Yes May 6th will be the 1 year anniversary of waiting on my Lady Gaga signed Cds and a couple of weeks later the posters, just checked the Selena ones again and they were there and disappeared again right after I checked so they are still adding some little by little but you have to be quick and lucky I guess

Dang missed out again. Got the one the other day but I like the CDs easier to display. They always come in stock when I'm not able to look at my phone. 

they have been in and out several times for the last several hours, keep checking, I missed the first time and even had it in the cart but got it the second time.  

just got shipping confirmation 2 days after I ordered it and a day before the release date, between this and my Taylor ones shipping on time and being real, I'm starting to wonder if I was wrong about UMG being a terrible company and the maybe fault does actually lie on the artists like the Gagas and Beibers



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