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I don't like it

Sorry to say it doesn't look right to me at all either.

me neither

Hmm. What issues are you guys seeing with these?

I think it's good

Interesting, I'm surprised by the feedback. 

I know this doesn't mean everything, but a dealer just messaged me saying one of the big three Tpa's deemed it "unlikely to pass authentication". 

Quick opinions mean absolutely nothing. I still think it is good

I disagree, they mean something.
I've had Tpa's fail some of my clearly authentic autographs, which means I may not be able to get them authenticated and slabbed in future.

The fact is there seems to be very mixed feelings about this piece. 

And so do I man, I thought it was good I mean. But with the ambivalence surrounding it, i'd rather not take the risk.

I authenticate and slab everything eventually, longterm storage, protection, easy handling, increases desirability etc. 

Who is selling it?

Was a one day auction at Chiswick uk, I saw it very late. 

What does that mean exactly? Do they believe that all five signatures are fake, or are they not able to authenticate every one of the five signatures? For me, it’s very difficult to see the Brian Jones signature in particular as not being authentic.



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