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It was glued to a piece of cardboard? how terrible. 

We discussed these already a fantastic piece. 

It is indeed. Here's a link to the discussion:

This same seller had a faded mint Beatles book #3 signed with a COA from Roger that went unsold. I asked him and could provide no provenance about it. Now this one....  sometimes things are too perfect. I know I’ve seen that Paul somewhere else before. Checking my files.

Ryan, I am the seller of the Sgt Pepper inner, the other autographs you are on about had no provenance when I bought them some time ago as I said to you. Sometimes Autographs do not have provenance ask any dealer or collector so I dont get your problem.I also had both items authenticated on the same day by Roger.

Apologies, only just saw this on Ebay...

It will likely end up on RR in about 3 months time

I mentioned in the first discussion the item would be worth a few dollars more that what he was paying, so I pictured it being sold again. What a special item! If I owned this i would have it restored removed from the cardboard and attach another sleeve to the back then find an original Sgt pepper lp to go with it. 

So the seller (John Woody) just bought this and is now selling it on eBay for 23,000 pounds?  Nothing wrong with a quick flip (if that is the case) but am I the only one who thinks the price is quite high for a signed sleeve with little visual appeal? (Aside from the autographs themselves).  There is nothing on the sleeve that shows any of the "Pepper" characters or artwork. Signed album COVERS are another story -- generic sleeves (even with rare '67 or '68 signatures are at a different price level). Just my two cents based on sales over the past 5 years where I've kept detailed records of nearly every high end Beatles autographed item. 

This is the one just purchased for 20,000? I'd not spend 20,000 to make 3,000! 

I disagree with the value of the price if it was signed in 67 then it's worth close to 30 thousand pounds 68 sigs could be lower. Keeping track of auction prices aren't always a correct guide for what an item is worth.

its just a starting bid not what I am asking if it does not make what I believe it will I will end the auction and keep the Autographs.



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