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Thanks so much!!

Got one - hoping they would offer signed copies in the UK - but hey its Shinedown!

The flippers probably have 40 different emails and addresses they use. Lol.

Sad to see this though, with Attention Attention they still had signed booklets :(

Still available 

Got one. Thank you!

Giving Amy Lee and Taylor Swift a run for their money! That is a S**t ton!

Wow.. 354 left currently and now a limit of 4 instead of 1. At least they gave real fans a good shot earlier to get 1 but now they just want them gone. I received shipping confirmation for mine yesterday

NOTE TO FANS: We are limiting ONE signed CD per order. If you order more than one, your order will be canceled.

I do not believe you could put 4 in your cart when 1st available. I dont recall exactly but I believe only 1 could be added. Now you can add 4. They may not have updated the description.. 


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