Trying to find out if the autographs I have are authentic. Has anyone been Successful going against Antiquities International for selling fakes? I bought this piece from them in 2004. Thanks in advance for your input

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Thanks, Damats. Now you should get a good number of opinions.

Thanks for your help!

These are not mine but do they look authentic?


Neither of the two you just posted look real to me.

Maybe the work of the "Southern California forgers?"...

The script looks good, but It seems like the autographs were copied somehow to this piece of paper. My opinion only.

these do not like right to me

I don't think that your Antiquities Beatles set is genuinely signed either, and that's not because it is from Antiquities.

I think that they are not-so-good forgeries.

They look like SoCal forgeries to me. I actually saw these signatures prior to knowing were they were from, and thought the most likely source was Antiquities. I hadn't seen them before. If they were authentic, I shouldn't have had any idea where they were from. They could have been from anywhere.




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