Long time, no post...

I hope I don't live to regret the title of this thread!

This is coming up for auction in the UK next week - very oddly in an auction of medals but only because they are also selling the medals of the pilot who obtained it.

I'd be amazed if it isn't spot on. I'd love to own it but I think the price will go way above my limit. 

My only questions are:

1) Do the other signatures actually de-value it? 

2) Who is Billy Wyatt? 

Here is a link to the auction:


I'm also attaching a jpg of the signed page by the way.

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I think the item is real... The menu is rare and hard to find and the signatures are for me 100% real but i am not a beatles expert...  impossible to be a fake for me but... The other signatures for me increase the value and he story of the item.

I like it...

The big autograph after Billy Watts is actress Eleanor Bron. She starred in 'Help!' and was rumoured to have had a fling with Lennon.

The signature in red is British actor Roy Kinnear. He also had a role in 'Help!'


this is being sold by a really reputable auction house that usually deals in medals.  I wonder what it will go for

Roy Kinnear is probably best known to Americans as Violet's father in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Eleanor Bron was one of the inspirations for “Eleanor Rigby.”

Went for £6,500 + ca. 25% premium. 

Not bad in my opinion, especially as the pilot to whom it was given was a very decorated man (his WWII medals sold for £19,000 + premium immediately before the menu).

I was not the buyer of either lot!  




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