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When I go to concerts I always look to see what signed items the artist may have at their merchandise booth.  Knowing in advance would be helpful and also may persuade me to attend a show.  I created this thread for people to share what I signed items were available a live shows.  

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I attend a lot of live shows (uk) working so I will update here if I see anything interesting. Maggie Rogers didn’t have anything on Sat, I looked. 

I went to a decent number of concerts, and the only ones I saw signed items at this past year were Laufey (vinyl and posters) and Caroline Polachek (vinyl). Dodie, Kimbra and Aurora are known to do this, but such items weren't at the particular shows I went to. With most of the types of shows I see (club level), the artist tends to be pretty accessible post show, so the presigned thing isn't too necessary. I wouldn't base your decision to attend shows too heavily on this - keep in mind that these offerings can vary from show to show, and sometimes things are limited enough to where they might be sold out by the time you get to the merch table.

I believe Charli XCX and Ashe sold signed vinyl at the merch stand this year. Here's a list of ones I can recall at shows I went to. Again, this tilts toward younger artists:

The 1975


Laura Marling

Bishop Briggs

K Flay

Maisie Peters

Cary Rae Jepsen

I’ll kick this off with a few recent shows I’ve attended -

Ryan Adams - 10/17/22 - signed tour posters $75 and signed cassette + t-shirt bundles $60

Armored Saint (opening for WASP) - 11/8/22 - signed cds $20, signed (used) drum heads $80 (approximately 10”) and $150 for large base drum head.  Unfortunately WASP had no signed items.

Warrant - 9/30/22 - signed bass drum heads (unused), signed 8 x 10’s - forgot prices

Winger - 9/30/22 - signed 8x10’s $20

I saw The Cult in late Sept and believe they had a signed CD, 

signed by Ian OR Billy, for $150ea, signed posters by both- $300 (all were way overpriced, I thought)

David Crosby had signed tour posters for only $35 the last couple times I saw him. Not sure he’ll ever tour again, so that was a score!

The last time I saw Eric Johnson, he had every single item, except t-shirts, signed.  Some nice pics…

Tedeschi Trucks Band usually has signed posters.

Buddy Guy always has LP’s, CD’s, and most of the time straps signed.  They may not always be displayed and you have to ask the merchandise guy for them.  They take a count of people that want them and Buddy signs that many at the show.  

I saw EJ years ago. 1:00 AM standing out by the bus. Had my 4 stubs with me. He signed them all and I just happened to grab his set list off the stage.....Signed it too !

you can also order the Buddy Guy signed stuff off his website. and he usually signs items from the stage.

Joe Satriani poster $100

I'll upload pic later

I saw Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers several years ago, and Steve Martin had signed posters for something incredibly reasonable... maybe $30?

This summer I saw Rick Springfield and Men at Work.  Rick had signed 8 x 10s for $20 and Colin Hay signed CD's were similarly priced, I think

Pet Shop Boys have a signed print but it’s very expensive on the merch desk and also very limited 

When I saw They Might Be Giants this summer they had signed vinyl and a book.  Picked up two LPs, didn't know the book was signed until the end of the show.  I think they are still on tour.  


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