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Wow, 50 bucks. Come on guys...much bigger stars have put out signed offerings for little to no upcharge.

Yeah hard pass at this price. That doesn't even include postage and tax.

LOL tell me about it

Tool does just spent $750 for signed vinyl at show lol

$50 plus shipping for a CD?!

It appears the title, "Ego Trip," is accurate.

They do have a 15% off from their site if you sign up for emails. 

I paid $52 total after the “sign up 15% off.” I moved forward with the purchase because of its “500 Only” limitation, and it appears to be signed by the whole band.. a band who might not ever release another album, and if they do, it might not be signed. 

Dang, now your making me want to pull the trigger.

thanks, I was thinking about going for it but it's not much cheaper in the U.S. anyway, $18.60 shipping nope. I wonder if these are still limited to 500 though? been on sale for a while to not sell out 500 copies 

Didn't realize shipping cost was so high only looked at selling price

69 remaining on there website 

Yeah, I'd like to have it but $43.58 is more than I would pay for a Signed Cd, Vinyl I would but not a Cd 



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