Dear All,

I would welcome opinions on this signed McCartney album.

Sincerely, Richard.

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I think it looks strange

I wonder if the answer can be seen in Paul's expression lol

Yes it's odd, but there are some things I like about it.

My gut says it could be legit for some strange reason. 

Beatles authenticating is too tough for me but this one did catch my eye with interest.

I've been seeing so many odd sigs that turn out to be legit lately. This just might be another one of them.

yeah there are some positives. its the cC that is looking unusual to me, but maybe its a transitional signature.

The P bothers me. 

the P bothered me too

I still haven't found one example that's even in the ballpark of this formation. The beginning up and down strokes are opposite of his typical hand for starters

I would lean towards no.

It would be a No for me!

I don't think that it's real. It falls apart in a number of areas. What are your thoughts, Richard?

Nope! One problem is the first "a".

I welcome everyone’s opinion. I a. On the fence with this. The All the best inscription looks good, but I know what the other opinions mean with aspects of the signature.

Some parts look ok and others not.

Thank you so much for all your valued opinions.


Does anyone else see resemblances in this sig to those of Erik McKay forgeries?

By consensus, has this been determined a forgery?

This has been signed by a right handed person. 




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