Hey everyone,

This was purchased from an MJ fan event in June 2008 in Devon where Tito Jackson and some of the other Jackson’s attended. It was a fan party to raise money for the north Devon hospice. They did an auction at the event to raise money and this was one of the items Auctioned.

It looks good to me, maybe somebody could give me some more advice :)
Thank you!

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 I think it is likely genuine. 

Thank you Steve!

It seems authentic but I still have doubts. Hard to be 100% sure about this one.

I absolutely agree with you but the slopes and the thickness look good so there is a high chance that it's authenic

I had concerns at first look but the more time I spent on it the more I liked it. I'd be quite surprised if it wasn't real, but I've been wrong before.

Thank you very much Steve! I bought it right now :)
Great item, it comes with a letter that Michael signed as well (very off signature but authentic imo. Just a fast, by the way signed document I guess). The two signatures on the top are printed and the MJ auto is real.

Steve what do you think about the letter?

If the MJ on the letter is authentic, that would be a pretty nice bonus.  An MJ cut autograph sold on eBay for $1079 just in the last two weeks.  

Whats the value of an LP like this?

It's best to get more opinions on Michael Jackson autographs, even tho I do like it. There are members who study him and no one else. They know the most prolific MJ forgers.

It still looks great to me tho.

 If I am right on authenticity, one like that could bring $2000-$2500 if the album is in good shape. It’s a nice, bold autograph and perfectly placed.

At the end of January 2019, on eBay, one Thriller signed album sold for $4049, and another sold for $3980.  And on March 27, 2019, a Thriller signed album sold for $3003.

And the OP is a bit bolder than the ones listed above.  

Signed photos have been selling in the $1200-$1700 range.

Thank you for your advice! I bought it yesterday for just 350$.
It's crazy what people pay for signed LPs..
And like you said just a cut MJ sold for more than 1k.. it's incredible!




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