Hey everyone,

This was purchased from an MJ fan event in June 2008 in Devon where Tito Jackson and some of the other Jackson’s attended. It was a fan party to raise money for the north Devon hospice. They did an auction at the event to raise money and this was one of the items Auctioned.

It looks good to me, maybe somebody could give me some more advice :)
Thank you!

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Ill play devils advocate here. Just so I understand...

You got 2 MJ signatures for $350? The LP and the letter?

$175 each?

Together for 350$, exactly.

Those are Janet prices.

When real MJ on an LP goes for thousands (and I know bc I recently sold one in terrible shape for 2K) why on Earth would someone sell one for $175?

That, combined with the very general appearance of these sigs (no tells) would keep me wondering at night.

Is it possible they are legit? Sure, I guess.

Is it likely that the seller just decided to give you the sale of the century out of the kindness of his heart? Not so likely.

My 2 cents

That’s insanely cheap.

If it’s posted on eBay at that price, where they can check on values, it’s gotta be fake. 

Maybe some advice from @Wascher? :)

99.9% of ones at that price are fake.

If it is real then congratulation Yannick :)
The seller was probably drunk hehe or he knew specifically what he sells...
I also found one in the similar price range

then yannicks looks a lot better

I have been worried about this since the moment he said he bought it "right now" when there were few responses and before any mention of the price.  It just seemed quick to me.

Hey Eric, yes maybe it was too quick. But I still have a chance that it‘s authentic. The seller said he will send me pictures this evening from him at the auction and a „selfie“ with Taj Jackson, who were at this event too. We will see ;) but thank you for your comment! 

Be wary of stories and photos that dont show exact proof.

Good forgers fool people who study signatures.

Relatives and celebrities are great, but generally speaking, they dont study signatures and are not invested in the business of autographs.

And to take it one step further logically (sorry) -

These items were supposedly auctioned off at a charity event for a local hospital, right?

An event where, I would assume, other MJ fans and philanthropists alike would compete for such an item with bids?

Hard to believe these 2 items sold at an official charity event auction for under $350, unless this most charitable seller is taking a personal loss on the original purchase, in addition to offering you a once in a lifetime kind of deal on MJ sigs in 2019? Against all odds?




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