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So I mentioned this before in my only other post, but I just now received it, so I thought I'd show it off. I bought this from Roger Epperson's site. It is signed by David Byron, Gary Thain, Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake, and Mick Box. Unfortunately it's a bit annoying to pick out the signatures due to black on black, as well as that Gary Thain's signature and Lee Kerslake's signature got mixed together a bit, and Lee and Lee's signatures are upside down. It took a bit of analyzing to clearly locate where they were. 

David Byron: Center Upper, clearest one. 

Mick Box: Right next to Byron

Ken Hensley: Upside down below Byron and Box

Gary Thain: To the right bottom corner

Lee Kerslake: Almost impossible to see clearly at this angle, but it's upside down right below Thain's. 

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Nice it looks like its from the Austrian scrapbook collection ,hundreds of signed magazine pages all were signed by rock bands in the early and mid 70s most have glue residue on the back from being removed from the pages of the scrapbooks ,there have been some great pages from that collection including three or four different Zeppelin ,Deep Purple ,T Rex etc   

No glue residue here, actually. 

Its definitely from that scrapbook anyway no problem only trying to give some background on the origin of the autographs

Oh no I appreciate it, I'm just saying I saw no glue residue. 

This scrapbook, how could you tell it's from that specifically?

a search on e bay for Uriah heep autographs will bring up 3 other sets from the scrapbooks all from the same seller with the same thing upside down signatures etc on german language magazine pages im certain they are from the same set they say from the late 70s have a look see what you think 

I'm sure you're probably right. 

Also thanks for replying!

heres one

Attachments: No photo uploads here

and the back with the glue pull marks

Attachments: No photo uploads here

There's the back of mine

Looks a bit cleaner than the others but likely the same source either way a nice set 



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