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Thanks! :)

Great, thanks! Glad I got one, as I missed out on the last book. 

Big thumbs up. Thanks. 

Many thanks for the heads up.  My girlfriend has ordered a copy as a gift to me.

I bought my first Attenborough signed book in a charity shop for just £1.00.  I was thrilled to find it, but then deflated when I got home and found some water damage to the rear board.  Nice signature, though:

Got one this morning, but now sold out.

Many thanks for the heads up! I got one this morning.

I’ve been in contact with them (Blackwell’s) today, they say they won’t be getting the signed books.

Received mine last week.  First copy had a ding to the top of the spine.  Waterstones managed to source a replacement, which has some odd scoring marks to the dust jacket, but they’re happy to let me swap that out with the DJ from my first copy.  Bit of a palaver, but we’ll get there in the end.

Here is the signature page:


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