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Great! Was just thinking about the 44 USD CD Box from Newbury, as the Vinyl variant sold out. 11 GBP is way better!

I think I’m actually cancelling the cd signed from Newbury. Although this one is UK only so plus forwarding shipping the price is not that lower. 

Thanks! Already have the litho on order but an extra CD can't hurt for this price.

Well that’s just saved me a lot of money

Thanks !!


I wonder why the Product Description is in German?

Maybe he's gonna signed them all as "Schrägstrich".....

because it also on, But does not ship to Netherlands!!! insane!

You guys reckon the vinyl from Newbury is still worth £51 shipped, now this version is available??

Thinking of cancelling,,,

Have I read that wrong ? Isn’t Newbury a signed 12”x12” lithograph with a vinyl and Amazon is a signed cd insert ?? So very different things .. 

sold out on amazon 

Sold out just as I was putting in the forwarding address :(



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