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Thanks bought, been waiting for this 

Thanks. Ordered the vinyl. Still on the fence about the CD version.

Yea me too, just the vinyl for me

I was too but decided against it. For about the same price I'd rather have a litho. They say signed booklet now, but I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a small art card.

Do we get a pick with the vinyl, doesn’t mention it but shows it on the image

Was wondering too. May just be packed in with the vinyl. Either way probably just a novelty one that would be cool to have but never worth as much as actual tour picks.

And UK shipping on this makes a nice change for newbury

Thanks, I bought the LP. Hoping for the bigger signature on the Lithograph.

If you're a big fan you can buy the ultimate bundle on his website ($155). First 500 orders get a signed litho.

- Vinyl album
- Axe Heaven exclusive mini guitar mirroring limited edition “4” Les Paul
- Softpack CD
- Cassette (contains only 4 bonus tracks) Live Rehearsal Tape 5/28/21
- Photobook
- Patch
- Guitar Pick
- *12” Lithograph (Signed) FIRST 500 ORDERS ONLY

Great, thanks! Good deal for a Slash autograph.  

The artwork is ugly as sin


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