Sorry guys, I can't resist !

I think I've just found the world champion in forgery:

And people are bidding !!!!!!

Well if you want a "real hand signed Rolling Stones Vinyl by Watts, Jagger, Richards & Ronnie" for less than 10 euros (11 USD/9 GBP), this is you lucky day ! After spending these 10 euros, if you still have some spared cash, you can get a fully signed Dark Side of the Moon for the same price...

If you prefer sport, don't worry. There are signed shirts by Pogba, Mbappe, Cantona, ... (slightly more exepensive though, 50 euros, but you have to buy the shirt !).

And of course some nice comics signed by Stan Lee for 4 euros.

Damn it, should be sent to jail !!!!!!

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Better grab a few while you can. Supplies won't last long at these prices!!

Horrible Bowies!

+1 indeed!

Hervé, this is really sad. You need to contact the seller right now and tell him he left a zero off his prices. He's going to lose everything.


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