Stan Lee auto w/ no proof? And Robert Downey, Chris Evans + Stan?

Gentleman is selling this item. Says he worked with Stan’s team in some regard in the past and was given this. I believe he said in 2016/17ish? It’s an 11x16 or something similar in size. I’m new to autographs in general and to this site as well, so any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time and efforts!

ps, there should be two photos attached. If not I messed up on uploading.

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While we’re here... I’m also looking at these two Stan lee items. 

The spiderman mask is signed at c2e2 in chicago during one of his last appearances there. Has the excelsior stick, but no COA. Said he’d guarantee it would pass 3rd party verification or money back. 

The trio print with iron man, Spidey and cap, seller has COA, but with Chris Evans and Robert Downey on there too... I don’t know. 

Thanks again!


No. Through site with PayPal as payment. So I guess at least that would protect me to an extent.

Here? More than "to an extent" from Steve. Steve, who runs this site, is highly reputable in this field, and you can do no better than having an OK from Steve Zarelli.

Thanks, Joe and Eric.

Scott M, I'm glad you're here asking questions. While there are TONS of fakes, there is a good amount of genuine Stan Lee memorabilia available of all kinds. You can find ones you want that excite you and most prices aren't that bad, so only consider ones that make you smile!

You can get excellent authenticity opinions by Steve Zarelli and others on any Stan Lees you're considering by posting them in our Stan Lee discussion:

Good luck on your hunt!

Appreciate it an posted there!




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