The 1950s and 60s were decades when Americans were fascinated with all things involving space travel. With the advent of sending men into orbit this increased the interest. In 1966 Gene Roddenberry created the television Sci-Fi adventure Star Trek. It was not an overnight success by any means. Syndication actually put it on the map since it attracted younger non-prime time viewers. Early Star Trek "conventions" were underway almost from the beginning with dedicated fans (mostly younger) showing their support. After the series was cancelled a cartoon series Star Trek: The Animated Series was created with all the major cast except for Walter Koenig providing voices. The lack of Koenig was apparently apparently a cost saving measure. Star Trek became my favorite Sci-Fi show surpassing my previous favorite of Lost in Space.  The series expanded to several movies with many of the original stars in the same roles.

Many Star Trek collectors concentrate on the seven or eight major actors/actresses that had recurring roles on the show. For my own collection I tend to expand that (as I tend to do with all my collections) to include some somewhat minor characters and also favorite guest stars. The ones included below are my idea of a good collection.

Unlike most on AML I tend to dislike multi-signed pieces this is due in part to the fact that I do not frame ans display. I prefer the notebook method. That is simply a matter of personal preference many friends have great framed "walls" of autographs. My list for "major" autographs are the first seven the remainder I like to have since they had identifiable roles on the show. The number after the name is the number of episodes according to imdb.

William Shatner (79) Capt. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy (80) Lcdr. Spock
DeForrest Kelley (76) Lcdr. Dr. McCoy
James Doohan (66) Lcdr. Scott
Nichelle Nichols (70) Lt. Uhura
George Takei (52) Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig (36) Lt. Chekov
Majal Barrett (36) Nurse Chapel/computer voice
Grace Lee Whitney (8) Yoeman Janice Rand
John Winston (11) Lt. Kyle
Eddie Paskey (60) Lt. Leslie/others
David L. Ross (9) Lt. Galloway/others
Sean Morgan (7) Lt. O'Neill/others
Paul Baxley (10) Security/others

As for guests I merely add ones that were personal favorites of mine. Spock's parents played by Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt are examples. John Fiedler, Elisha Cook, Jr.,William Schallert, Lee Bergere, William Campbell, Bruce Hyde, Stanley Adams, Roger Carmel, Ian Wolfe, Ken Lynch, Byron Morrow, James Gregory and many others are on my list.

As a collector I am more interested in the signature than the photograph it is on. While I like to have them on Star Trek items is not a necessity for me.

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GRACE LEE WHITNEY (1930-2015) played Yoeman Janice Rand in the original series. Her part was apparently intended to be a love interest of sorts for Kirk. They apparently decided it was better to keep Kirk a confirmed bachelor with a girl in every space port. Whitney was devasted by the loss of the role. She was actually a bit older than Shatner. She played the part of "Nelia" in two episodes of Batman. She had appeared in several television westerns including Gunsmoke. Whitney also appeared in a episode of Bewitched.  This is from the 1970s album that Doohan, Nichols, Takei and others were in.

Wonderful stuff! The first thing I ever saw on TV was Nixon and a football game, but later, I saw some guy in a torn gold shirt fight a thing called a gorn...

Here is my set - all had to be vintage ('68-'76), earliest I could find reasonably (Shatner is 1968 as is Spock), I wanted as many character names as I could get (McCoy signing to set nurse), and on Trek images etc. I have a nice 1969 Barret but I don't have a scan. All eBay, all authentication by me. Sorry I don't have a bigger scan. Not to scale - 5x7's and 8x10's. Click for full image:

PS - Scott, I admire the depth of your full collection - I stopped at the 8. I did not include Whitney for some reason. 

Thank you, Eric.  I decided to get the main crew members and at first stopped with Winston.  Then added the others.  Of course, there are guest stars I liked that I have included also.  I collect Twilight Zone also so there are 70 plus crossover as well as a lot of Andy Griffith Show ones.

Those are great Eric and that is the nicest early Shatner I have seen.  I remember you told the story about the Kelley one being to the nurse on the set. That is great one with real show connection that is very rare to find.  Only thing better would be a personal script from one of them. We could only get CBS on our antenna but remember seeing an episode of Star Trek at my brother-in-laws parents house.  I remember being amazed at the transporter!  I think that was probably 1966 or 67.  

Thanks. We both have some nice sets. I'd like to see others - maybe some will post. Those early memories are wonderful for us. There is something about the flickering old televisions I severely miss! It could well be that they had 5 or 6 channels and went of the darn air at 1:30 or 2 and that was that. The country went to sleep so to speak. Now?

My fav Trek film was...the first! 

Impressive, Scott.

Thank you, Christopher!  I have to get Nimoy scanned.  He was great in Mission Impossible and I liked him just as much as Martin Landau. That was such a great show when I was a kid. 

JOHN WINSTON (1933-     ) played the British Lt. Kyle on Star Trek.  He is sometimes seen on the bridge.  He was the transporter chief.  In 1982 he appeared as Kyle again in Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn movie.   This is an autographed series card:

What about that "I'll take you home again, Kathleen" guy? :) I can't quite recall his name but he was fairly young. What really cracks me up is the OTHER guy in the hall a scene or two later, trying to render that song, quite theatrically and poorly, to... Whitney was it? Spock tries to stop him but...

Oh that was Bruce Hyde he was on two episodes as Lt. Riley.  I have his autograph will have to scan it.  He was supposed to be the Irish guy but only made those two episodes. 

Awesome thread guys! I too am a Trekkie and have embarked on my own 'five year mission' to collect as many of the primary and secondary characters as I can find! I find a great source to be those autographed cards you mentioned. The one I'm surprised in finding to be quite rare seems to be Roger C Carmel, who played the beloved character Harry Mudd. Has anyone here been lucky enough to find him? I would say the rarest one I've been able to find so far would be that of Arnold Moss, who played Anton Karidian.



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