Curious if this are real signatures of Mr Nimoy and Shatner. 

It mentions it was a private signing in 2014.

Any information on this would be great.

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That's good. Or one of those dual signed Mirror Mirror's - I know these vintage. These have slight oddness here ("Wil" and Nim") and there but I might be overcompensating. Others will chime in. If forced to but it or not right now, I would not. 

It may have been a private signing in 2014, but I have doubts that Shatner and Nimoy were present.

+1 I gotta trust my instincts more. At least I saw some oddness. My updated post mentioned the dual forgeries of these "Mirror, Mirror" photos, and said I would not "BUY" not "BUT". My typing...

Curious on the doubts?

I see.

I got more information that 1500 pics were signed originally in the private signing apparently and this was arranged by Richard Arnold.  Not sure if this helps.

There are a number of sellers on eBay who continuously offer Shatner + Nimoy dual signed pics in the $60 - $100 range. These have been the topic of discussion here in other threads.

The alleged story behind these dual signed photos is that they came from a private signing conducted by a defunct show promoter. No evidence, no paperwork and no photos. Just “the story” that they came from a private signing. Bear in mind, there has been an endless supply of these photos for YEARS from the alleged signing.

The signatures are close enough that they were accepted at first by many in the community. But over time, the sheer never-ending volume and the pattern that emerges has caused many to doubt these signatures. They are now being rejected by some auction houses and TPAs.

In my opinion, the photo you posted fits the pattern of the mass produced “Shatner + Nimoy” photos I am referring to.


This one was offered for 300 instead of 60 but that is quite scary indeed.

I’m not saying that this is the case with yours, but I have seen many flippers buy the cheap ones on eBay and then jack up the price for resale.

By the way, if you were conducting a private signing, wouldn’t you have both signers sign in the same color ink?

Well , Bondcollectibles and Kevin Martin have also done private "signings"..........nuff said

I appreciate the help guys. I will pass on this item considering the concerns here. Thank you.

"By the way, if you were conducting a private signing, wouldn’t you have both signers sign in the same color ink?"   

Unless  it was signed at two different events.  I had a few IN PERSON Shatners and they were signed in Black.  Two years later Nimoy signed them in Silver  unfortunate it was that Nimoy was not watching what he was doing and smudged his own signatures


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