I'm looking to get one of my star wars cast frame autographs appraised I'm wondering if there is anyone who people would recommend


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If you post photos here people will give you an opinion for free to save you costs of authentication initially

Well all three of the autographs have their authentication from Beckett and JSA just really not sure myself what the item would be worth.  That's why I was thinking I should get it appraised but maybe someone here could take a look at the item and see what they would put a value of it at?

Hi Devon,

As Dan says, post them here if you want and get opinions on authenticity and value. I moved this to our Star Wars forum, where you'll get feedback from members who know Star Wars well.

Thanks both Steven and Dan! I'm not really interested in selling the item just wondering what its worth really.  Ok sorry didn't really know where it should go so I just placed it in the forum area

Here is the attachment below

Attachments: No photo uploads here

You're fine...the site is complicated and we can move discussions to new forums with a click.

Unfortunately, neither the photo nor the framed presentation are complete without Harrison Ford’s autograph, and the photo is also missing Carrie Fisher’s autograph.  You may be able to get a few hundred dollars for it as is.

I was going to get it signed by Harrison Ford during a private signing but his autograph can still be tricky to get.  Then because I'm from Canada the shipping insurance can be costly back and forth 

He may not be willing to sign an item that already has autographs on it at a private signing.  If he is willing, there may be an additional charge.  Your best option may be to contact a trusted in-person autograph dealer to add the autograph for you.  He may be making the rounds in Los Angeles and New York when The Call of the Wild is released next week.

Is there any in-person autograph dealer that you would recommend? I know KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions sometimes does it,  i haven't seen Official Pix do it much anymore since they no longer really do star wars.  Thanks again mike for all your help

Those are companies that host private signings.  I am referring to in-person autograph dealers who acquire the autographs on the street.  I use Skyline Signatures.  They are based in New York City.  Other members may be able to recommend who they use as well.

I also really want to thank you for your help too Mike again you are always a big help on the forms.  I only have a total of $610 USD with custom framing and I believe it's worth more then that not sure your opinion.  I really love the picture one of my favourite items that I own.

You could take it out of the frame and send it to us if Ford does another signing, but it likely isn't worth the expense without having Fisher on the photo.



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