I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1998.  Not all of my signatures are on Star Wars memorabilia.  For example, when I met Warwick Davis at a comic convention in New York City I had him sign a Willow photograph.  I also have publicity photos of Sir Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee from the 1970s and a Natalie Portman signed The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster from her performance on Broadway back in 1998.  My current wish list includes Peter Cushing, Terence Stamp and John Williams.  I am interested in knowing about the collections and wish lists of other members.

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Like Pete said, if you want good stuff you'll have to pay. Even buying a pre-order from one of his latest sit down signings is still a crap shoot as to the quality you will receive. Some of it has been pretty bad lately, certainly not worth the price tag IMO.

Topps Star Wars Authentics now has 19 different Harrison Ford signed photos from $1,000 to $1,150.


You don't want to overpay, at least not by much, but buying a great Ford autograph on a great photo is worth paying a premium for. I don't know how it works in Australia, but here you can buy using PayPal credit, or have PayPal draw on your credit card if a premium piece is more cash than you want to put out right now.

Keep in mind also that it's Christmas shopping season, so you have more competition and deals are harder to come by. It's unlikely you'll ever get a deal on Fords from a dealer who held a signing except on pieces that didn't sell well, but you may be able to save money after Christmas and early into the year.

Here's a fun one.....I ordered this on ebay 5 days ago.....

and this arrived in my mailbox today....


Oh, my!!

Seriously? It's really disgraceful that people have no shame. I'm sorry to here about that.

If only they knew who they were messing with.  Please keep us posted, Pete.

Whats wrong with it?

Wish you a very Carrie Christmas!

Wow...it's a wonder people buy anything at all on ebay with clowns like this operating.  I see the seller already has a negative feedback post suggesting he is listing items with borrowed images and then selling forgeries.  Most of his transactions have been within the last month.  Fishy also that his listings sport "proof pics" of the celebrity that do not match the listed items.  Pete, I'm curious if the photo you received is in fact an OPX image with a forged signature, or if the bamboozler made a copy of the photo itself and then worked his forgery magic.  From the second image it appears the OPX logo is part of, rather than affixed to, the photo.

Good eye Charley. The piece pictured in the listing is in fact an OPix photo with a hologram. The one I received the holo is part of the print, the photo is a copy, and the signature is a disaster.

I bought this one on the 5th it arrived on the 8th, and upon looking at his other items, I saw that he relisted and sold another of the same image for 3 times as much on the 8th. Hopefully the other winner knows his stuff.    




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