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Not sure I have seen a Stephen King where he signs on two lines. All the ones I see are signed in one line and this First Day Cover had enough room to be signed in one line.

Unexplainably blurry around the whole signature as well. Even if real, this is pretty low quality. Might as well get a good one if youre in the market?

The solvents in the ink caused the "hallow" effect.  It is especially common in felt tip pens from the 70s and 80s.  

Thanks Scott.

It has bled slightly to the other side of the paper. It looks good actually.

Thanks Kai.


I have found a few examples like this and it compares quite well.

I'm not as experienced as you guys so I very much welcome your opinions.

I agree that it definitely looks like his signature. I only found it a little unusual that he didn’t sign it on one line when the room was available. But it definitely could be authentic as it reminds me of a 1980s ttm (which were authentic) signature very much. 

This piece is consistent with my exemplars from this time period, all of which have passed professional authentication through Spence. I feel confident it would pass professional authentication. 

Thanks Austin,

I have found a few examples of his signature on two lines like above. I think it looks good compared to those I've found.

I own this piece already. The ink has bled to the other side of the paper. It looks good to me. Of course my level of expertise is nowhere near you guys. You're opinions are greatly appreciated. 

I do not like it. He writes fairly neatly in my experience, even inscriptions are usually clear. I have not seen such a blob at the end of Stephen before but it might be explainable.

I wouldn't buy it, myself, but that is just my opinion.

And having looked at it again the loop appears slightly stuttered.

You can count on these two:





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