I had this one previously listed in another area and decided this one needs to be discussed in this forum. I am not an expert on Stevie's signature by any means but did have some concerns once I received it. I do know that her personal assistant named Ginny did sign on her behalf quite frequently and her signature is quite similar to Stevie's.

I have also included a Stamp on the back of the photo which links to Ginny which I did not know about until receiving the item.

What say my fellow members. I feel is it, more than likely, a secretarial.

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Paul, it is my personal opinion that the price paid in the examples you reference far exceeds fair market value of Stevie. 

Your possibly correct 7k for a signed replica mic. When you have a few unquestionable items for a cause sure the auction can run away.

In this day and age you could almost find one tpa to pass an item ( I'm not talking about joes) if one fails go to another or try the same co in 6 months.

this is 100% secretarial. 

Thank-you, Xwiesy.


heres a real inperson stevieeres a real stevie

I appreciate all the input on this one and certainly RESPECT every opinion, on both sides.

What I am looking at is a fairly balanced number of viewpoints on my Stevie signed photo. Both sides have very credible reputations in the hobby. Doesn't make it easy in a hobby that is based primarily on opinions.

I do know that my source for this autograph has also read this discussion and still believes the signature is Stevie's. It's a borderline call in my mind. Based on the information I have been given, especially privately, there are valid points that it still could be authentic.

In order to be fair to the seller I purchased this from I am using Beckett to be the final say. Myself and the seller agreed if Beckett does not authenticate it, I can return it. He probably would have accepted the return without this but that would have left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

I will let everyone know when the item is returned back to me. Now, I understand we can then debate the merits or lack of on TPA services. But, the vast majority of collectors place their trust in them. It's an imperfect world but it's the only one we have.


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