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What a rip-off. The way they described it it looked to be hand-signed by each member of the band. Did you contact them for a refund?

My card is underway. If they listed it as goods, the import costs is going to be as much as the card or even more. Which would have been fine if real but not for a copy.

I wonder why some are assumed to be printed, but others like the ones from Shawn L look legit…? Can someone explain what’s going on?

My guess is that they had some leftovers from last year that were actually signed, and the new ones this year are pre printed. I contacted the company about it. We need to fill out the return form and they will refund. I asked for a shipping label but they told me that they will include my shipping cost to return in with my refund. Pretty sure that I had issues with Ozzy autopens from this same company, and they did refund.

Just received mine it definitely looks printed to me. I’m not an expert though… Anyone have any thoughts ? 

100% Printed unfortunately.

I contacted merchbar we'll see what they say... 

I don’t know how this operation is run, but I still haven’t heard anything about my refund/return request. I wouldn’t buy another thing from merchbar period. Not sure about other peoples experiences here but a quick glance beyond the reputation is crap… 

Yeah, I sent them the return form as requested and waited a couple of days with no response. I sent an email and still no response. I do expect them to respond, but it may take a few more emails or possibly a paypal claim.

After dealing with merchbar regarding this return, I will certainly avoid purchasing from them in the future. They claim that I received the correct item, which was supposed to be signed. It most definitely was not signed. 

I have also had one of the worst experiences with merchbar. They have taken weeks to get back to me after several emails. Have sent them photos and proof that they sent me the wrong item. I would never purchase anything from them again. 

I also had a terrible experience with merchbar. Took them 2 weeks to respond to me about why my signed CD wasn’t shipped after 6 months and they finally responded and told me just to wait. I had to wait another 2 months and then I had to contact them again just to finally get it.

Wow I can’t believe that…I guess I got lucky receiving 2 of last years cards.  I hope everyone can get their money back!


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