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Sunday Morning Chuckle Michael Jackson autograph eBay seller zvitalik87 now svern_us2015

This "Jackson" errrr "Jaksul" has been brought up before on our forum but I now have to laugh.... they now have a "proof" photo (these Jaksul forgeries are sold by the handfuls on iOffer all the time)

Here is the auction from zvitalik87 and photos in it:


"Michael Jackson signed LP cover includes record obtained by my uncle in japan concert in 2006 very rare no COA please compare Michael's autographs this is authentic no pre print or reprint also Record IS INCLUDED and framed, for privacy purposes I have removed my face from the photo"

I love this part:  "for privacy purposes I have removed my face from the photo".  Except, that's NOT Jackson, its an impersonator that does shows called MJ The Legend.  If your gonna try to rip someone off, at least find a real photo of Michael to use.  The photo actually comes from MJ The Legend - Fan Gallery Page:  http://www.mjthelegend.com/media/fan-gallery/



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hahaha that's soo funny and stupid

Yeah they have another Jackson where if I remember correctly they have a faked Juliens letter as provenance (lol they could pick a better auction house to fake too).  At least pick one that doesn't usually sell fake MJ's to begin with.

lol ! Gets funnier by the minute ! Can you show the forged julien letter one ?

Four bids? Really?  I assume the bidders are all wearing tin foil hats.

They sold this item previously as well as the one listed in this thread.  I'm assuming people smartened up once they got the items and returned them.  There are some other doozys as well in their past sold items.  Unbelievable crap.

They should also look at that proof photo in the background that dealing with this is a dumb gamble lol

This one belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Look at all the Sean Connery and Paul Walker stuff this guy magically got.  Apparently, based on the prices, it's only going to the dumbest of bidders.

Geez, Ebay.  Wake up.


Holy crap!!!!

But, and as we all know, the wannabe autograph collectors bid on that crap listed by Ebay seller Zvitalik87.

The previous seller of this very same Jaksul was shell_alexa (no longer a registered user--go figure).  They were selling tons of different artists, not just the few now listed.


The story back then was that a treasure trove of autographs were all found in a shed!  Imagine that, from a shed to "my Uncle got this autograph"..... 

Wait...are you saying that this "treasure" was previously owned by a shell company? LOL. This is a classic American story: from shed in the backyard to...an ATTIC!  Next thing you know this guy's going to start selling John Lennon signatures magically obtained at a concert in 2007...and there will be bidders. I'm going to put on MY tinfoil hat and figure out how to time travel to get me some great signatures. Stay tuned...!



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