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Adding this thread as they've had a lot of nice recent offerings, have interacted on the site, and seem generally good folks (in my experience)

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you may have seen this from the advertising banner, but if not:

Fathers,Brothers & Sons-Signed by The Rock N Roll Channel (talk...

Anthrax bassist new book, signed

I have been getting books with bookplates from TSL.  They are not signed in the book or even tipped in pages and TSL considers bookplates as "signed." I wish they would indicate when the books are bookplated.   Anyone having the same problem as me?

Yes. They often aren’t clear in their descriptions. I really no longer order from them. I also got a lot of damaged items from them and they don’t respond to emails. 

Lol. Same here. They only respond when you threaten to call your credit card. I have quit using them myself for the most part. I have got some goodies from them in the past and can't honestly say I would never use them again but I have skipped ordering quite a few recently that I would have. Just can't count on their quality control or getting what you ordered.

Damage, Thom… are you talking about The Rock ‘n’ Roll Channel or another seller there? They’re separate companies. 

Hi Steve, it is Ron BTW. It has been the Rock 'n' Roll Channel I have had issues with over and over. Actually have one currently they are blowing me off on and I am going to have to send another email about because it has been a month and a half since they said they would get back to me. It is the Gloria Estefan I posted a picture of on page 9 of this thread and is what I meant about quality control. In this case the mailer was in good shape and the autographed cover was sent this way.

Hi Ron,

I was replying to you and another member, Thom. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyone with an unsolved problem: please message me with the email address you used at RnR and your concerns. I'll contact them.

JC, was it The Rock N Roll Channel or another seller there? RnR is not associated with any other sellers hosted there. 

Rock N Roll Channel customer service is poor. 

It was Alan C******'s book "Baggage" which came in as bookplate which they considered as signed.  Alan said he was going to sign books on the program, not bookplates.  I was referring to books in general, Steve.  With RnR, they have been fine with issues.  Items missing signatures, customer service has been ok after a few reminders.  

Thanks, JC. 


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