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Adding this thread as they've had a lot of nice recent offerings, have interacted on the site, and seem generally good folks (in my experience)

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Flash sale on some signed books- musicians and others, 

nothing for me, 10-25% off

TalkShopLive September Book Sale (mailchi.mp)

Rick Springfield deluxe, now $46.98

Rick Springfield -WorkingClassDog DLX Set - Signed by The Rock N Ro...

(they gotta re-consider their shipping charges and 'processing fees' which have made me cancel several orders)


Rick Springfield -WorkingClassDog DLX Set - Signed
Working Class Dog 40th Anniversary Special Live Super Deluxe Box Set with AUTOGRAPHED (hand signed by Rick) and NUMBERED Insert Card. Each set includes the following;
Vinyl LP - Random colors from standard black to various (No requests or substitutions)

CD/DVD The DVD features behind-the-scenes footage, all the joyful live performances, plus 4 bonus Rick Springfield hits: "Love Somebody, " "Don't Talk to Strangers, " "State of the Heart, " and "Affair of the Heart."

Rarities CD, including demos, bonus live tracks from the 40th anniversary sessions and the Living in Oz tour (1983), multiple versions of Jessie's Girl.

Replica Laminate
Tour Book
Numbered card autographed by Rick, limited edition
Collectors box
This item does not qualify for returns (unless defective).

CHER- Christmas

Red Vinyl Randomly Selected Copies Signed; $24.98

(I randomly Pass...)

Christmas-RedVinyl Randomly Selected Copies Signed by Ingram Entert...

Yeah I’d pass too. Dolly “randomly” signed her last book through Talk Shop Live  and no one seems to have gotten one. Also they shipped the Dolly book a week after it hit stores. I’m sure no customers get signed copies. They are probably autopen anyway. It’s a scam. 

If you want to see a real sh1tshow, pop into the Devo thread on this message board and see how Ingram Entertainment packaged and shipped the TalkShopLive Devo CD and vinyl with autographed lithograph. It is possible that nearly everyone who ordered one of those sets is going to receive a damaged litho. Unacceptable, horrible, even laughable packaging issues...

Christopher,  if you'd like us to address, please forward your email address and we'll see if we can resolve your issue.

I opened a ticket with TSL on Friday, November 3. The TSL representative replied yesterday with the following: 

"Thank you so much for reaching out to us at talkshoplive! We would be more than happy to provide assistance today. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies that your order arrived in less than perfect condition. We are going to escalate this right away to the artist's distributor, who ships these orders, to inquire about a resolution for you! Once we receive additional information from them, we will be sure to reach back out and provide you with an update. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any questions or concerns that we can address."

I'm hoping Ingram will actually step up and fix the problem this time. 

But like you said, "we'll see if we can resolve your issue."

TSL couldn't resolve my issue with the John Waite order I placed last year, which arrived a mess due to poor packaging, and was fulfilled by Ingram.

FYI, Ingram shutting down soon, so likely the end for them on TSL, though no formal announcement that I've seen:

Ingram Entertainment Inc. distributor for home entertainment

Ingram Entertainment, Once the Largest Home Entertainment Distribut...

Sign of the current times, I suppose (some of you are getting your prayers answered)

I agree with you Q. I have it on good authority that Steve Hawkins and The Rock N Roll Channel, TalkShopLive will continue to be even bigger and better in 2024. I for one am looking forward to their offerings come the new year... Now if they can get some quality control with their merchandise along with their packaging & shipping problems, I think we'd all be a lot happier. They know it's an issue,hopefully they can straight it out!

Yeah they need help with quality control and shipping. They have a disclaimer that no refunds will be offered based on quality of signatures. Many signatures I’ve gotten from them have been total garbage. They need to stop with the “randomly selected signed copies” nonsense too. I’ve never known anyone to get a randomly signed copy.

Billboard says the music division is shutting down, would like to hear more about this "good authority" that the R&R Channel and Country Channel are continuing after 2023.  Alliance is the big distributor left, so unless they're striking a partnership...

Music Wholesaler Ingram Entertainment to Shut Down Music Division –...

The Country’s Second Largest Music Wholesaler Is Shutting Down
Ingram Entertainment plans to close its music division by the end of the year.

Ingram Entertainment, the second largest U.S. music wholesaler, has begun telling its accounts that it will begin shutting down its music operation, with plans to close by the end of this year, sources tell Billboard.

Sources suggest that Ingram’s music operation generates about $200 million a year in revenue. Beyond music, there are indications that the company is also closing down its video wholesaling operation.

As news of the announcement began to spread Wednesday among brick-and-mortar merchants, retailers were initially worried about how the closure would impact the supply of music titles — as the shuttering will leave just two major one-stops in the United States: Alliance Entertainment and All Media Supply. Merchants were worried that if Ingram closed suddenly, it could cause disruption in the marketplace. However, a phased closing plan will allow labels and stores to adapt to the changing marketplace, those sources suggest.

Replenishment of catalog titles is particularly important to brick-and-mortar retailers, who are enjoying a physical renaissance yet again this year. Physical sales saw a slowdown in 2022 following several years of overall escalating physical sales, especially from vinyl.

In 2021, CD sales were up 1.1% to nearly 40.6 million copies, but that was after years of dramatic decreases for the format. Meanwhile, in 2021 vinyl sales were up 51.4% to 41.7 million copies, according to Luminate. But physical sales slowed in 2022, with CDs down 11.6% to 35.9 million copies and vinyl down 4.21% to 43.5 million copies. However, so far this year, CDs are back in the swing of things, up 1.8% to nearly 23.3 million copies, while vinyl is on its way to galloping growth once again — up 20.4% to 31.14 million copies, as of the week ending Aug. 31, 2023.

Label sources tell Billboard that Ingram’s business appeared to be healthy, so they are bewildered as to why it is shutting down.

Ingram music executives didn’t respond to Billboard’s repeated requests for comment.

Nothing coming up besides a signed Journey cover band on TSL. Maybe the beginning of the end.



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