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Mine have finally just shipped. Most of the ones I bought are for my 2 year old daughters collection but I doubt I'll be able to keep them sealed. I'd want to be sure there in there. But also extremely curious as what they look like. They probably wont stay sealed for long

Out of curiosity, how do you decide what to collect for her? For example do you get all signed items that Taylor and Ed Sheeran put out, including all variations and collaborations? 

Do you only collect artists that mean something to you, or do you take a gamble on up-and-coming too? 

guess I wasn't paying attention because I thought the photo of each color would be the same for the Cds and vinyls, but I'm glad they are all different. this looks like the pic for the most sought-after green version

OMG I thought so too! Now I'm bummed I didn't get all the CDs.

I kept catching them here and there and eventually got all versions, and everything has shipped and is moving except my order with the green vinyl and cd so I'm getting nervous about those. here are a couple more of the CDs pics.

Some local record shops have the vinyl with signed photos. She clearly signed ALOT!

Back in Stock one more time - Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl with Hand Signed Photo

I almost bought another signed blue vinyl even though I already have one on the way,  caught myself though, and realized I was just getting caught up in all the hype around release day lol 

The UK shipping from the store is a total mess, I created two orders one with the first run of signed vinyl and then days later when they added the rest. I got the first order today but the later order with the rest was not delivered.

I didn't get any despatch email and the account status still remains the same so I didn't know it was being delivered today and I don't know if my other order has been shipped yet.

Yodel turned up with a surprise of the first order lucky I was in at the time otherwise I might never know it was even attempted if I were not in today.

How can you not operate by updating orders on accounts or sending an email with tracking / status updates.

I can't wait for the other three styles to be delivered the print is great and the vinyl I didn't know they'd look like that really amazing for displaying.

Signed print from my copy of the Moonstone Blue vinyl LP:

I just saw someone complaining to UMG about being charged shipping for "SHIP ITEMS SEPARATELY - AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE" when they are being shipped in the same package, so I went back and checked mine and that's apparently why I was charged $22.61 for shipping 4 Cds when the Vinyl only costs $7.24 to ship. seems like another dirty trick to milk more money out of us. the person said they told her to suck it up and I'm not expecting a much different response but wrote them anyway.



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