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Relatively speaking, UPS and Fedex generally seem to be keeping it together in spite of the circumstances. USPS is in a far different category. They've been in the toilet for weeks. Maybe dismantling their operation a few months ago isn't working out so well.

It could be worse - You could be in the UK! 

I sell alot of records and have just been checking many orders  tracking details, posted 3-4 weeks ago, Some bound for Canada / Portugal / USA and other Destinations  haven't even left the UK yet!

Yup, all of the carriers are having issues to some degree or another, but USPS is definitely the hardest hit. UPS and Fedex have also been rejecting packages to keep their volume lower as well as handing off more than usual to USPS for them to handle.

I don't know if they've reduced the number they'll take from UMG at any point, but I know there was one company in the article whose pickups were reduced from 2000/day to 200. A lot of UMG fulfillment is through Artist Endeavor, so they're handling several big artists concurrently which presumably backs things up further. I just had my Bieber order get to Fedex, and they created that label a month ago.

I received mine

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I am in the UK. My order just days APC in transit to local carrier on December 10th

I am in the UK and waiting for mine to arrive 

I have also gotten mine last week in Singapore. According to the USPS customs declaration label, it was mailed out on 17 December from Ferndale, Michigan.

Mine came yesterday, took over 1 month but they finally arrived. Any concerns about the signatures being auto penned , I don’t think so on these , but I guess anything is possible 

There have been no reports of autopen on any of the Taylor CDs

That’s what I been hearing too , I ordered 4 as gifts and each one looks a just a little different so I feel more comfortable 

Thanks for your insight , much appreciated 

I've bought 7 of these, not for resale. None are autopen, all are different. All are real. Taylor is doing things the right way during this pandemic. She's clearly a class act.



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