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That has to be a mistake! That’s insane!

It's photoshopped. Because it's not the same font.

not photoshopped, I was able to do the same using my phone. about 20 minutes ago I got it to say all 22,539 were added to my cart

I just checked again.. these are actually selling fast

Not working this way... Click on checkout, you'll see what happens !

This was done in a similar way for her signed folklore cd and these numbers seemed to be correct then all the way until they sold out.. you can believe this is inaccurate if you want but tell me, what would be their reason behind doing this? to go out of their way to make a glitch showing inaccurate numbers when added to the cart? why?

Awww no more international :( 

It is around noon local time right now and they are still available for US Customers! Wow! I am thinking that while Taylor Swift was in the UK quarantined (for 10 or 12 days, I believe) before her appearance at The Brit Awards this week, she was signing her Evermore CD'S! That's my theory and I think that Independent Record Stores will eventually have them too. 

I agree with the fact that the value of a signed Taylor Swift CD is drastically decreasing but that is a good thing in my mind. ;-)

I got mine today. A lot faster than the last one.

Wow I can't believe they even shipped this garbage, did anybody else have this problem because all 4 I ordered were similar to this one 

Mine is a little like that but not nearly as bad. Probably because she was signing them fast and stacking them before they dried.

That’s bad very bad :( 



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