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Absolutely. At least her signature looks the same every time 

Nice, still waiting on mine.. Status just says processed.. Does that mean shipped? 

I didn’t get a shipping email with this cd 

I did

I have noticed that some signed copies have little imperfections/small smudges by the T in her signature. 

Yep, I bought 4 of these as xmas presents. 3 of 4 Ts are smudged not terrible but still noticeable if you zoom in

Now that I'm looking at the ones I received a little closer, I noticed the bottom right is signed a little different. I still believe its authentic but it basically has 2 "y"s.. her signatures for the past 2 years, the T usually leads right to the bottom part of a Y.. she did this but then also continued on to another y loop.. just thought I'd point it out to feed any conspiracy theorys lol.

If you look on her facebook, there is a video of her signing them.... the booklets are all upright and she is signing them with the pen horizontal and then flicking each booklet on to of the last one she signed. This is an odd way of doing it potentially resulting in odd autographs and definitely more smudging....

The smudging appears to be quite common, unfortunately.  Two of my friends have received smudged copies.

I have ordered two and, so far, received one, which is not smudged:

I got a shipping confirmation (to my friend in the UK) email today/recently! 

I've been following this thread since she released the signed versions. She has always seemed very genuine to me but I questioned the authenticity due to the sheer volume she would have to sign. What do you think about the authenticity? In such large numbers I feel autopen would have been discovered pretty quickly.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

My friend got his 4 in, all unsigned


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