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House of Resell reared their head during the Kate Bush "How to be Invisible" signed sale last year, "proudly" touting how they got 1/5th of the stock, I think. Jor-El's post about comparatively few people in the group getting a copy is probably closest to the mark.

Reselling in general is a losing game unless you're working at a high level (i.e. overseeing a network or hitting 10-20 stores per day). Most people are barely funding their gas money in this game - the opportunity cost per hour is a joke.

It probably works in a similar way as ticket touts, many years ago I decided to queue very early at Wembley Stadium for Madonna tickets, even when I arrived before the crack of dawn there was a lot of people queuing, at first I didn’t know if it was a queue or squatters paradise because most of them looked a bit rough. Go to back of queue and when box office opened and got nearer the front virtually most of the people that were in front, after buying their tickets got in to a fleet of minibuses and drove away flicking their middle finger at the rest of us. So they probably do the same sort of thing for signed items, just hire people to buy a copy and pay them for doing it, hey presto they are both in the money.

I saw this at Springsteen in Manchester - was box office only purchase for tickets and there was some latter-day Fagin marshalling a load of teenage kids at the box office.

To anyone who is thinking about trying the House of Resell scheme. Think about the consequenses of sharing payment details with scammers. That may cost more than £34.99 in the end. They may flip your financial details to the higher scam bidder in the future !

With all due respect Mikhell, there’s dozen of groups out there like this.  Mainly on Slack or Discord.  

I’m personally in one that the focus is on miles/points for travel but it certainly touches on profitable things for resale.  Some focus on shoes or tickets and others will be about anything that there may be a profit motive on.  

Just because someone is reselling for profit does not make them a scammer.  I don’t have much interest in debating the ethics of reselling but I think it’s highly inaccurate to label this group a scammer (though I’d never heard of it til this discussion).  

No offence taken and none intended. I doubt you pay for Discord/slack. House of Resell on the other hand charges membership to their members. Think twice about partying with your money when dealing with scammers - this is a scam same as touting is. I am not debating the ethics of reselling.

Looks like CD's restocked briefly today! Sold out now sadly..

How Long were they in stock?

Not 100% sure, I checked around 2:50ish and they were sold out already. If her team followed her past drop times, they probably put them on her site around 2 pm.

Lasted maybe 20 minutes.   I got notice from a twitter account I follow.  Got order of 1 in (limit 1).  Was about to post when saw it went out of stock.  

Got one!


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