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Doesn't say it's an art card so I chanced it and ordered one, but don't quote me on this


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Thanks! 85 left in stock

Vinylcollector.store screwed me on the “Korn-Requiem-Autographed card”. I didn’t receive an autographed card with my order so buyer beware. They to date haven’t replied to any of my emails…

Ordered several times from them, no issue and well packed items.

I agree on EVERYTHING you point out. Problem is I am in the US and probably shouldn’t have ordered from France with the possibility of any order concerns. Especially, when you expect to receive your order as advertised. I bought two with one with the intent to “Save” one and to have the other for Trading. And, to receive NOTHING but the vinyl is frustrating…

I’m 99% sure this is not the vinyl that is signed but a print.

There haven’t been signed vinyl available for this album on all the other stores, only prints. Can’t see why they would sign a vinyl sleeve for a French company. And this store would have made promotion about this saying it’s a store exclusive or something like that.

I took my chance, even though I had ordered a vinyl + signed card from a UK store too. Vinylcollectorstore is listing other items, like for instance Korn, as vinyl + signed card’, but for Tears for fears it only says signed vinyl.

I know, but it doesn’t make sense there would be a signed vinyl only for this French site. It often happens something is advertised as signed CD or vinyl and it appears to be an art card or insert.

We’ll see :-)

I took my chance too. So far I haven't found any logic to UMG offerings of signed items across different countries. I think it is possible that France has a different offer. For example the Korn vinyl which came with 12x12 prints in the UK but CD-sized cards in the French store, while the US and Canada had postcards.

It just shipped so I'll know in a couple of days.

Theres a decent chance of signed vinyl the french vinyl collector store had Aurora actual signed lp covers whereas all the other stores had the signed card inserts and the signatures were nice in a silver or gold pen not the black   

That's not correct I think. There were other stores that sold a signed vinyl itself and not a print.

It's actually still for sale here https://shop.aurora-music.com/*/*/The-Gods-We-Can-Touch-Signed-Store-Exclusive-2LP/76RR0000000

Initial copies sold through Platekompaniet Norway were also signed on the sleeve I think. 

Or maybe they were advertised wrong like I think they did on this Tears For Fears LP.

I dont see any signed vinyl on that link maybe its sending me to the UK store but i wouldnt mind one at retail price if they are still available ,Ok ill rephrase on the reply i should have put there is a good chance that the tears for fears may be signed on the sleeve because the Aurora lps from that same store were signed on the sleeve and in a nice silver or gold pen, whereas a lot of the other Aurora signed lps had signed inserts and were signed in black pen not many stores had silver or gold signatures even the norwegian signatures were in black marker and didnt look great so the french store was big enough to get their own signed stock from her so they may be able to do the same with tears for fears  

On the other hand the tears for fears could be like the Korn lps from that store and be very disappointing or end up being just like everybody elses stock ,its a lottery and a case of do you want to risk it or not ,personally im not a massive fan but i got a green lp with a signed print and ill stick to that but for any pure fans it might be worth a punt though postage is pricey   

Good news for those who took their chance, they signed the vinyl!




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