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Sorry Steve. As you can see, my long post was a reply to Steve Cyrkin. Sorry you got so worked up and spent so much time on responding. Happy Collecting, Mike.


I don't see things as you're seeing them. All but a few members know their limitations and if they give an opinion on something they're not that experienced in they make that clear. 

Well...except me sometimes.

Few members kowtow to PSA/DNA, JSA or BAS. They complain about their decisions that they don't agree with all the time. Please do some searches and read discussions about the Big 3 and you'll see for yourself.

As for GFA, I have seen untold thousands of autographs authenticated by them. Probably 10,000 or more. 

GFA=guaranteed forged autographs

I have seen one GFA autograph...only one...that I thought might be real. 

I've seen more real autographs from Coach's Corner and Christopher Morales.

Does anyone else have an opinion on the auto?

good authentication by Beckett?

Why are you fixated on what Bucket thinks? What do you think? Isn't that what matters?

I know literally nothing of Williams signature 

steve grad has had his fair share of issues who now leads Beckett. 

and I’ve seen a number of these limited to 1000, and my concern is they rubber stamped them 

Why is this thread so toxic...

I didn’t post the first quotes. While I am a more avid collector of others, I really haven’t studied Williams signature. And thus, why I’m seeking opinion of others who are. Isn’t this what this site is for?



PSA Autograph Facts has a lot of genuine Ted Williams autographs that you can look at: 


Like Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio, Williams had a pretty consistent signature. Yours fits in well with many of PSA's exemplars.

datitguy84 wrote: "and I’ve seen a number of these limited to 1000, and my concern is they rubber stamped them"

I'm no Williams expert, but based on the many I've seen, that was my first impression. Authentic signature, but transferred to the item via imprinting, autopen, stamp, or other. It doesn't look like the average pen signature to me..

I think that Daditguy meant he was concerned that BAS rubber-stamped their authenticity. 

I think it's real. It's a typical Williams IMO.

Steve, Eric, Mike—you know that civility is expected from everyone, and that no insulting or demeaning of other members is allowed.

If you're being "attacked," don't shoot back. We need you to respond civilly and try to diffuse the heat.


My apologies - I misunderstood who said what. I pulled my comment and am sorry. :(


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