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Hello, I'm looking for experienced opinions on whether this signed baseball is authentic or fake?

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I believe this one is not authentic.  I have one just like it.

Doug is correct.  Not authentic.

no good


Thanks for the input!  I should add, all the balls I have posted are from the collection of a deceased family member, who I think was likely duped when buying many of them. I'm learning as I go, but any reply, even if it's to say it's a blatantly obvious forgery, is appreciated - just to affirm my suspicions and determine whether I need to bother following up or seriously authenticate any of these. I know it can be quite a process and expensive to get them professionally appraised, so I would rather avoid doing so if the answer is obvious to experienced collectors. I've been appalled at what I've learned so far about the level of fraud in this hobby!  

Thank you! 

classic fake...sorry bud


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