This pack contains:

- Tribute EP ReIssue CD

A combination of the original US and European releases of the Tribute EP from 2002 - this time with "Pat Riley" - a Self-Titled Album B-Side track - added! 

Track Listing:
1. Tribute (Album Version)
2. Cave Intro
3. Jesus Ranch
4. Pat Riley
5. Explosivo (Mocean Worker's Megamix) 

- 1995 Demo Cassette ReIssue

Featuring re-mixed versions of the original 1995 demos!

Track Listing:
1. Tribute Demo
2. History Demo
3. Kyle Quit the Band Demo
4. Krishna Demo

- Replica 1995 Flyer - Signed by JB & KG!

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181 left in stock 

Where you see the stock for this? My inv tracker said undefined. 

About 130 left

I just add 200 to basket and it corrects it’s at 95 now 

Would have loved to see the autographs on the CD itself :D

Edit: 38 USD shipping to Germany + an estimated 15 USD in taxes. Ugh. Nope.

That would be stunning your right 

REALLY COOL item, thank you so much, absolute no brainer. Can' wait to frame that flyer and put it on my wall.

Don’t blame you

would look amazing framed 

thanks just ordered one

Sweet! I got one. I didn't want the book that was previously offered. Glad I waited.

The book wasn’t the best was it 

I got the cd from the same time thoigh but this is well better 

Are we confident it's a real autograph on a replica flyer and not a autographed flyer that's been replicated?



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