I seen this for sale from an auction house in England. What do you all think of it? I cannot get my head round the Lennon signature.


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This is another one they also authenticated in the same auction....

Can anyone share their opinions

another Lennon signature form the same company

interesting.......I have to admit I haven't seen a Lennon like that first one.  He normally merged the h and n together in John. here he makes them separate.  uncommon but not necessarily a deal breaker.  The last name is really bizarre.  but he was all over the place so who knows what mood he was in when he signed this.

I don't really like the signatures in the second item.  they all look funny.

not sure about the third lennon. has some good features, but the J to O loop doesn't look normal. but again, he could sign ten things the same day and they would be all over the place.

All these 3 have been authenticated by AuthenticateIt the AFTAL Authenticator. Personally I do think the first Lennon isn't right. The second item is way off and the 3rd looks nothing like his signature as its a signed Help Lp and don't think he signed that during then and after...



I didn't know there was an AFTAL authenticator. I'll tell you, I don't care for any of these.

Hi Steve,

They are proud to say that they are the only authorized Authenticator from Aftal (AuthenticateIt.co.uk)

The guy Marc, is also a founding member of Aftal.

Pretty worrying to be honest as they claim to be the best in the business and their members and co founder authenticate items like these.

Do you know for sure they authenticated them? A collector recently bought a fake Beatles-signed "All My Lovin" EP from Cameo Auctions in the UK that they claimed was authenticated by Authenticate It, but the company denied that they had. Cameo also claimed it it had previously sold at Christies, but Christies said it hadn't.

AFTAL is a top notch organization. I'd be surprised if they approved the service if they weren't reputable. Anything else to report?

It was on they website as authenticated by Aftal authenticator.

I do have a copy of one of the certificates for the first Beatles autograph above. I'll attach it on here. Cameo have items placed on a website called collectorsproof that is being advertised by Aftal and its members which has these items on it and also states its been authenticated by them, I think Aftal are some kind of partnership with this company so if they didn't authenticate it then I don't think they would show it.

For the other two questionable items:



Authenticate It have been working with Cameo Auctioneers authenticating many autographs they have been selling.

This is another item that been authenticated by AuthenticateIt via Cameo Auctioneers

If Authenticated It actually certified the autographs you've shown here, I'm shocked that they're an AFTAL member. The "All My Lovin" EP I mentioned above that they claim they didn't certify (not sure if that's true) also came from Cameo Auctions, and is at least as bad as the worst of these.



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